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Bill D - New York
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"Hi Larry
1.) I am taking Ezorb for osteoarthritis and to prevent osteoporosis.
2.) Everyone in my family takes Ezorb. At the present time my family consists of myself and four cats. (Some family!?)
3.) I have been taking Ezorb for as long as your actual records state. I think that would be 2005 but it may have been earlier.
4.) The results that I have had by X-Ray are: very few bone spurs and perfect calcification of my long bones. It takes a couple of years I would think to show a decreased amount of bone spurs where a person with osteoarthritis might normally be expected to have them. The truth is that bone spurs (osteophytes) have never given me any problem in any case. And that is the main concern. My back pain is from other causes.
I have recommended Ezorb to everyone I meet who is concerned with nutrition."
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"In 2007, I went to a doctor and she told me "Unfortunately you have osteoporosis." She prescribed a biophosphanate and told me to take it indefinitely. My husband researched it up and told me to throw it out and flush it. I never even took one of those pills. My husband also looked up calcium and found EZorb for me and told me it sounded good. I have taken it since 2007. The only thing I know is that I have had knee pain since 1989 but it disappeared as soon as I started taking EZorb. That doesn't make sense. I am getting older and here it is 2017, and my knees are better than when I was younger. Although the prescribing doctor told me to walk instead of running, as she was afraid I would break my leg, I run twice a week even now. I actually fell on my back in the kitchen because the floor was wet. I broke nothing. On another day, I banged my hip bones on a hard corner of granite when I walked to fast past a counter. This was the exact bone area where the doctor had said I have osteoporosis. I broke nothing. I run, walk, practice belly dance, and jump on a rebounder. My husband started using EZorb recently as well. He said he used to have backaches and once he started taking a teaspoon of EZorb a day, he has improved greatly. I apply Psalm 34:20 and Psalm 27:1-2 for strength. My strength comes from God and not from a biophosphanate. Forbore is part of the wisdom that God uses from natural plants and vegetables. I also use a Juvent. A very wise doctor prescribed that instead of biophosphanates" March 2017


Osteoporosis/Bone Loss

"My bone scan results just came back. My doctor told me my density went back to NORMAL! I couldn't believe it's finally happening to me, after reading all those success stories of others for a year...HALLELUJAH!....."
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GE Kansass
G.E - Kansass"I have been taking Ezorb for six weeks and already I can feel that it is making my bones stronger. I noticed that when I walk I no longer waddle like a duck. I give the credit to Ezorb. I am 66 years old.." 

Bone Density

Granny Cindy - SD
"My name is Cindy. I don't usually sing praises but I feel I owe it to you this time. My daughter Maria bought me a bottle of EZorb on my birthday. I had been on Fosamax and had to deal with all the side effects. My stomach was constantly in pain. I thought I would have to live the rest of my life with Fosamax. I was really scared every time I took it. Thanks to EZorb I no longer need Fosamax. My recent bone density results have shown steady improvement. This is wonderful "

D. M Hanson - MA
"I started taking Ezorb over a year ago. I was diagnosed with osteo or "low bone density". Found Ezorb on line, decided it was worth a try. Time would tell. (Had a bone scan), Went for another scan a couple of months ago, the doctor couldn't believe that it was noticeably better. I was so excited.."    
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Maureen CA
"I have come across so many people with fibromyalgia who are not working and all i can say, is the more I would stay at home, the worse I got. so, get out and try ezorb and magic happens.."  
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Laura C
"I was surfing the net and came upon EZorb Calcium. I decided to order it. I just received it yesterday and took one teaspoon. I immediately felt better. I suffer from fibromyalgia but for some reason I could feel my muscles relax the minute I took the calcium.  I feel hope where I didn't think there was any...........thank you! "   

Heel Spurs

"LOVE THE PRODUCT. I cannot explain how nice it is to walk again with out pain, keep up with the granddaughter and everyone else, rather than everyone waiting for me! I suffered 7 painful teary months and I cannot believe the success of EZorb myself... almost gone and feeling better!! Thank you! ."    
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"I eventually was told by my neurologist that I would just have to live with a certain amount of pain.Well he was wrong I started taking it three weeks ago and even I cant beleive how well it works. I am almost totally pain free. Thanks, and I will be ordering again just as soon as I need to " 
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Rheumatoid Arthritis

 Dan Simons - Ohio
Dan Simons, OH
"Thank God I'm once again living a normal life. I can move, I can bend over, I can even run, without PAIN! it was EZorb. Undoubtedly it restored the cartilage in my joint and filled it up with the collagen joy! Thank you for the wonderful product. To my fellow Americans who are suffering from arthritis pain, don't lose your faith and keep an open mind".
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Junior Rheumatoid Arthritis

"When I was in fourth grade, I was diagnosed with JRA. I am now 22 years old. The area affected was mainly my wrists and hands. However, in the last couple of years, I have noticed that some of my other joints were beginning to hurt as well.
One day, searching for how nutrition affected arthritis on the internet, I came across Ezorb. Like most other people, I was skeptical about all the "success" stories. But I decided to give it a try. I bought some. I take between 4-6 capsules (or teaspoons) a day. This is what I have to say about it.......I can feel it...seriously. My bones and joints haven't felt so strong in a long time."      Read Full Story
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Bone Spurs

 Candice B - Redding California
"Hi there. My name is Candice.5 weeks before having surgery, I tried EZorb. I showed the doctor and physical therapist the printed info I had. They laughed. "Where did you get that?? The internet??" He went in and tried to find the calcium that covered my humeral head. He stuck me three times and could not find the calcium. I only wish I had taken EZorb longer and had not had the surgery at all. "      
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Diane S.
"First I want to thank you for always being so efficient in sending out my order
My husband found your product,on the website, wanted me to try it for my bone spur plus arthritis.. there was a story about how it curred one of your customers, I told him everyone had a story, just another pill to take it. Well he insisted on ordering it - I started to take it - very negative about it but dit it
Well in a month, my spurs were good, plus my arthritis, now I have to tell you I am in Canada half a year and Hawaii the other half. I walk 10 to 15 miles a day."