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Marvlix® - Cordycepts Sinensis

Reduce Drug Toxicity

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In addition to their benefits, many popular drugs are accompanied by considerable levels of toxicity. The incorporation of Marvlix into the treatment regimen will result in a significant reduction of toxicity or side effects from synthetic drugs, while sacrificing none of their efficacy.

Organ transplant cases offer a good example of how Cordyceps can be used in conjunction with pharmaceuticals.

Cyclosporin is a drug frequently used in cases of organ transplant, but it is highly toxic. Many patients suffer serious kidney damage after using Cyclosporin. In a 1995 clinical study, 69 kidney transplant patients were given either Cyclosporin alone, or in conjunction with 3 grams of Cordyceps sinensis daily. After 15 days the group receiving Cyclosporin along with Cordyceps showed a much lower incidence of kidney failure than the group receiving Cyclosporin alone.

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