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Marvlix® - Cordycepts Sinensis

Anti-Aging, fatigue reducing effects

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One quickly noted benefit of Marvlix is that it provides anti-aging, fatigue reducing effects.

Marvlix works as an antioxidant, increasing cellular formation, especially among seniors. It promotes more restful sleep, soothes the nervous system, and reduces anxiety. In Asia, Cordyceps is commonly used as an overall rejuvenator for patients recovering from serious illness.

Aging is thought to be a direct result of body's declining ability to obtain and use oxygen. Marvlix slows down the aging process by enhancing oxygen utilization and cellular oxygen uptake.

In a recent study, Dr. Guo confirmed that Cordyceps usage increases cellular levels of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the compound that consumes oxygen and releases energy in the cell. An increase in cellular ATP means a real increase in actual energy, energy that is available for use, as contrasted with the perceived increase in energy after use of central nervous system stimulants such as caffeine, ephedrine or amphetamines. A 2004 study by Dr. Zhu also showed that Cordyceps enhances oxygen utilization.

Together with EZorb, Marvlix improves immune function, rejuvenates the body, and helps ward off disease.

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