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By Giving Your Beloved Pet Our Medical Grade Herbal Supplement Ezorb Calcium® They Will Receive The Same Benefits As We Humans Do.


The No1 Medical Grade Herbal Supplements
Great For Humans : Good For Your Pets.

Caveat: "It Is Advised To Consult With A Veterinarian Experienced In Animal Nutrition Before You Give Any Supplements To Your Pet. There Are No Know Side Effects With EZorb Calcium Or Marvlix Given In Proper Dosage And Will Not Interfere With Any Prescription Drugs. EZorb Should Be Given By Body Weight."

Why & When You Should Be Giving your Pets Ezorb Calcium® Suppliments
All warm blooded animals not just Us Humans require an adequate amount of calcium for growth, healthy bones, teeth, muscle, joints, blood coagulation and many other things.
After your pets bone and teeth have fully matured the body will start using calcium that the body stored up in its early years of growth. As the body uses up stored calcium it is supposed to be replaced by eating a healthy meal. Dark green vegetables contain more calcium than any other food group. I don't know very many pets that eat greens like spinach.
At some point in time the body will use up all of its stored calcium and then start eating up bone to supply the body with the needed calcium just like in a human. The body eating up the bone is what puts us on a rapid path to osteoporosis. EZorb will help prevent this due to its 92% absorption rate. See EZorb Recourse Library there are several articles covering this subject more in depth.
Prevention is clearly the preferred way and by feeding your pet a diet that includes the necessary amount of calcium ensures a proper balanced diet. EZorb Calcium Medical Grade Herbal Supplements are the ideal way for your pet to get that balance which can prevent many Calcium deficiency problems.
Calcium requirements may be higher for female animals in the latter stages of pregnancy, or for a female that is nursing a large litter of kittens or puppies or whatever else you call their new-born offspring.

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EZorb Calcium®

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EZorb Capsules
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Light Weight,
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Each Capsule  Contains 560mg
Calcium Aspartate Anhydrous

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EZorb Powder
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Aspartate Anhydrous Powder.
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Marvlix Capsules
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Easy To Swallow.
Contains 600mg Marvlix
Extract Of Cordyceps Sinensis.
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Bill D - New York

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1.) I am taking Ezorb for osteoarthritis and to prevent osteoporosis.
2.) Everyone in my family takes Ezorb. At the present time my family consists of myself and four cats. (Some family!?)
3.) I have been taking Ezorb for as long as your actual records state. I think that would be 2005 but it may have been earlier.
4.) The results that I have had by X-Ray are: very few bone spurs and perfect calcification of my long bones. It takes a couple of years I would think to show a decreased amount of bone spurs where a person with osteoarthritis might normally be expected to have them. The truth is that bone spurs (osteophytes) have never given me any problem in any case. And that is the main concern. My back pain is from other causes.

Regarding Pets:
I give Ezorb to all my pets and the feral cats that I feed as the Caretaker of the Brighton Beach Feral Cat Colony. In 2012 I first noticed that by giving Ezorb to a raped feral pregnant kitten (!) that I had rescued (Darling), that after she was aborted, she grew into a big absolutely beautiful cat. At first she was so light you would hardly know that you had a cat in your hands.but a couple of months later she had a normal to heavy body weight with no fat whatsoever.
This has also been my main concern with one very special feral cat microchipped to me: Feria. Living under the Boardwalk in one of the (now) 4 cat shelters, I have always been extremely worried about her. But as long as she is getting both Coenzyme Q10 and Ezorb I have confidence that she will survive her yearly winter ordeal as she is doing right now. I have recommended Ezorb to everyone I meet who is concerned with nutrition.
Bill D., New York.