Marvlix® Cordyceps Sinensis

COPD, More energy, Bronchitis, Asthma, Breathing

Hi, my name is Debbie! I am 57 years old. I live in the worst part of the country (USA) for pollen levels. So far this year I have not got sick like I usually do this time of year.

I have multiple health issues that have been ongoing most of my life.

Late last year I was in so much pain when I found your site. I was short of breath, I could not walk very well and I missed my clear thinking! I was beginning to wonder if this was the end of my life.

The health issues that affect me are; Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), Fibromyalgia (FMS), Neuropathy, both feet, Osteoporosis, COPD and most recently A Fib.

So you see my whole body has become involved in this health issue. I could be this poster child for these products!!

I'm on my second bottle of EZorb and my first bottle of Marvlix is almost gone. I will be ordering more!!!

The brain fog is gone, I can even see better, with less blurry vision and less headaches. My joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles feel better, my whole body is so much more relaxed. Mentally I feel recharged. I am even sleeping better! I had severe pain in my neck and shoulders down my arms. BETTER!

My lungs are not as congested and I have only used the neb treatment 2 times since taking the Marvlix. I have 97% less wheezing and my lungs sound clear when my doctor checked them. I can breathe better and inhale deeper!

My heart has less of the weird sensations and achy pains. My heart just feels more calm. I'm hoping to get off the 2 heart meds soon.

Thank you so much! Having renewed hope now, I prayed for help and this is how God answered!!, LLC   Copyright ©2004-2017