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"I have been taking 3 tsp. of EZorb Calcium every day since February in 2005 and added 2 Marvlix capsules after they were release in July of 2007.
Then on September 13, 2017 I was diagnosed by mammogram, sonogram and biopsy with Triple Negative Stage 1, Grade 3 aggressively growing Breast Cancer. The tumor measured at its largest dimension was 1.2 cm..
As soon as I got home from the clinic I broke the news to my husband and he told me to up the Marvlix to the cancer dosage of 10 capsules a day. He said
"cancer is not something to play around with, we are calling MD Anderson Cancer Center " (rated #1 in USA).
I met with the team of doctors at MD Anderson Cancer Center in October 2017. They wanted a lot of information, number of family members with cancer, list of all medication I was taking including supplements.
My husband explained to the doctors that Marvlix was 100% Cordyceps Sinensis extract and I have been taking the cancer dosage since September 13.
You could tell by the look on their faces that they had never heard of Marvlix. After several meetings with different doctors they recommended surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. I was told to stop all medications except blood pressure medication prior to surgery on November 14, 2017. I read several Medical Studies on Cancer and taking Marvlix which said it may reduce the size of the tumor and in some cases it could even disappear.
Since I was originally taking Marvlix to help control my blood pressure and cholesterol, which it did, I considered it blood pressure medication and kept on taking it every day up until surgery hoping it would keep my tumor from growing or metastasizing (spreading).

About a week after the surgery my surgeon called me at home at night to tell me she had gotten the lab report back on the tumor she removed. To my surprise and extreme joy, my surgeon stated that the tumor had not spread but it had shrunk to just .7 cm, a 42% decrease in size.

She became interested in Marvlix and asked if I could bring her more information on my next visit to MD Anderson.
On December 1st, she said because of the change in size, no cancer in lymph nodes or margins of breast tissue, she saw no need to start chemotherapy and recommended going straight to radiation therapy as a precaution to insure no cancer cells were left behind.
I am sure this is due to effects of my cancer treating dose of 10 Marvlix per day, All cancer patients are instructed to exercise, eat very healthy, have many to pray for them, and the only difference with me was the Marvlix.

The first day of radiation treatment they explained to our group about side effects:
1st week no side effects, going into 2nd week feeling fatigue and weakness, 3rd week pinkness of breast like mild sunburn and some may, due to weakness, need assistance in walking, 4th week bad sunburn with blistering. I continued to take 10 Marvlix per day throughout radiation since it was for my BP. I was the only woman in my group who had no side
affects, NONE. My energy levels were high and I continued walking 4 to 5 miles a day the entire time.
Going into my 3rd week of radiation the scheduling person thought I was going to be there for 1 extra week leaving no option but double up my radiation on the 4th week. I was also to have a stress test before starting radiation that was overlooked so they had to
squeeze that in too, I completed the whole test with no problems. The cardiologist was really pleased. We left MD Anderson for a 9 hour drive home getting there close to midnight on a Friday, after being gone a month. With just Saturday and Sunday off , I was back to work on Monday teaching 5 classes. Many of my colleagues wanted to know what in the world I was doing back to work so soon, and I just smiled.

It's now April 2018 and I just got back from MD Anderson after my 1st checkup. I had to do a DEXA scan (Bone Mineral Density Test). My oncologist said I have a little thinning of my bones, and to keep taking my calcium.
"You bet I will and just what do you expect for a person going on 69, 22 year old bones?"
When I got the DEXA scan report from MD Anderson, the little thinning was a T-score -0.9! EZorb is the best calcium compound in the world but not the fountain of youth.

"To back up my story I have provided links to my MD Anderson Cancer Center reports and my DXA Scan Report as proof."

I had to go back to MD Anderson for my 2nd checkup on July 19, 2018. The checkup went so well that instead of checkups every 3 months, I only go every 6 months. So we will see how I have progressed in January 2019. I will have to go back for checkups every six months for 5 years or until they release me as cancer free. I will also be taking the Marvlix 10 capsules per day for that same period.

Here are my personal suggestions For a Complete Healthy Body. We need 4 things and exercise.

A. Food: In today's world it is hard to eat healthy and cancer patients should eat as healthy as possible. Dr Bob's wholefood products Chlorella & Spirulina contain everything needed for the body to be super healthy. No other single food product in the world can do that. I take 3 tsp of powered Chlorella and 1.5 tsp of powered Spirulina (equivalent to 60 tablets of Chlorella and 30 tablets of Spirulina) with a few fresh vegetables or fruits for volume and flavor, to my morning protein smoothie. Be sure to check with your doctor to insure there is nothing in this wholefood that will interfere with any medicine you are taking.

B. EZorb Calcium: the only effective way to keep our Bone, Joints, and Muscles younger, stronger, and pain free. I use the powder form, also added to my morning smoothie (amount based on the Dosage Information Sheet from EZorb for my body weight). EZorb Calcium and Marvlix have not been found to interfere with any prescription drug available on today's market.

C. Marvlix: Ten capsules per day for my Cancer Treatment and our major organs, Kidney Health, Diabetes, Liver Health/Cholesterol, Heart Health, and Lung Health. This is EZorb's recommended dosage for Cancer Patients that is based on several worldwide medical studies and it certainly seems to be working for me.

D. Water: Lots of water. I drink 96 to 120 ounces a day of RO water.

E. Exercise: Exercise means expend more energy than you normally would use in the majority of a day to keep your muscles stronger. I normally walk 2-4 miles each day and more if I can fit it in. Get a pedometer or smart watch to monitor your steps. It helps you keep track. I also do light weights and stretches to help my muscles stay toned. Yoga is also good.

I am not a person that writes about personal experiences and publishes them for the whole world to read. When you have had Cancer it is a wakeup call like you have never experienced before so I hope and pray that many will read this and if it only helps 1 person it was well worth it."

Linda KP

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