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EZorb CalciumĀ®   Calcium Aspartate Anhydrous

How could a calcium supplement be effective on so many different problems?

EZorb is not a traditional calcium supplement. Yes, it does provide your body with highly absorbable calcium. But calcium alone won't solve the problems. What's more important about EZorb is its ability to raise bone, joint and muscle metabolisms.

With age, bone, joint and muscle metabolisms typically slow down, leading to all sorts of bone/joint/muscle problems, including arthritis, osteoporosis, bone spurs, fibromyalgia, etc. In some people, this condition progresses faster than in others. That's why many people experience bone loss, joint pain, and bone spurs in their 40s - or even in their 30s.

The only way to correct all those problems is to raise your bone, joint and muscle metabolisms. That's exactly what EZorb does and that's why EZorb is so effective against so many bone, joint and muscle conditions., LLC   Copyright Ā©2004-2017