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EZorb CalciumĀ®   Calcium Aspartate Anhydrous

How does EZorb Calcium compare with its so-called competitors?

EZorb Calcium is worlds apart from supplements that contain inorganic calcium.

Many people have asked us about algae (seaweed) based calcium. The calcium compound found in any type of algae is calcium carbonate, the least absorbable calcium compound.

Other products (including various forms of amino acid chelates of calcium available for commercial use) are in hydrous form - i.e., they all contain molecules of crystalline water. As a result, the bonding of amino acid molecules to calcium ions is often too weak to stay stable. Hydrous form of calcium aspartate then become insoluble in the pH environment of the small intestine and cannot be absorbed, which renders them useless at best. In essence, they are no better than common inorganic calcium supplements.

EZorb's molecule is made of anhydrous (waterless) chelates of two L-aspartic acid molecules and a single calcium ion. The strong and stable bonding of L-aspartic acid ligands to the calcium ion allows complete dissolution over a wide range of pH values.

We guarantee that EZorb Calcium is soluble in the small intestine for absorption and subsequent bio-utilization. You can experience this for yourself by conducting a simple test. Send email to and request (to obtain) the step-by-step calcium test instructions., LLC   Copyright Ā©2004-2017