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Should I take EZorb clacium while taking Bisphosphonates drugs?

Anyone that is taking bisphosphonates drugs must also take a calcium compound. Using EZorb Calcium is a little counterproductive like digging a hole to China and filling it in at the end of the day not to mention the risk of many dangerous side effects from the bisphosphonates drugs.

Due to EZorb 92% absorption rate and being organic now the body has all the calcium it needs with no side effects. It needs to have dead bone cells removed so there is a place to put new live bone cells.

Bisphosphonates drugs were use to prevent the body from removing dead bone cells since it has been known for many years the body could not get enough calcium from food and/or inorganic calcium supplements.

The theory in leaving the dead bone cells in place would add more strength than having a empty cell hole. As time went along and we were living longer we were gaining more and more dead bone cells until we ended up with more dead cells than alive healthy cells. At this point the DEXA scan will show we have good bone density (dead cells are way more dense that live cells) a false positive. Actually we now have very brittle bone since bone was mostly made up from dead cells.

Then came along EZorb Calcium which will supply all the calcium the body can use to build all the new live bone cells it needs,maintain a normal level of calcium in the blood, and have calcium left over for other things the body need calcium for.

EZorb will allow the body to build strong bones with no side effects and will not interfere with any other prescription drugs., LLC   Copyright Ā©2004-2017