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My doctor told me I needed 1400mg of calcium per day. How much EZorb would that be?

The first thing to understand is we don't take calcium. Calcium is a metal and all metals are poison to the body. Instead we take a calcium compound and they are many hundreds of different calcium compounds all with different absorption rates.

The most abundant and used compound is Calcium Carbonate which has the worst absorption rate (5%) of all calcium compounds and the compound to most likely to cause body stones. Since your doctor did not tell you which compound of calcium he wanted you to take points out the doctor really does not understand absorption rates of calcium compounds. Here is why: Assuming the doctor means he wants you to have 1400mg absorbed into your body otherwise it makes no sense to take a calcium compound that would not be absorbed it would go straight thru your body ending up in the toilet. Under a control study it has been found that the average un-born at 3 month uses 560mg of calcium per day. Doing a little math 5% of 1400mg would equal about 70mg absorbed, do you think 70mg would support an adult.

Since Calcium Carbonate has only about 5% absorption rate that means you would have to consume 28,000mg of calcium carbonate for your body to absorb the 1400mg requested by the doctor. Taking that amount of calcium carbonate per day would for sure put you in the hospital. Your doctor is like most all doctors in that they have been taught incorrect information.

EZorb Calcium is an organic calcium compound where all other calcium compounds in the world are inorganic (inorganic means non food source). You really can't compare inorganic to organic calcium compounds.
You take EZorb based on a person body weight either number of capsules or teaspoons of powder. The answer why is in another question., LLC   Copyright Ā©2004-2017