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EZorb CalciumĀ®   Calcium Aspartate Anhydrous

Why does the amount of EZorb taken increase with body weight?

One of the bigger user of calcium is the live cells in your body. If these cells can't get calcium they will die. Your body uses the blood to provide calcium to all cells. The blood calcium level will always be in the normal range.

So if a person weight is 100 pounds they will have less cells than a person who weighs 300 pounds. The 100 pound person will require less calcium since they have less cells.

Calcium is stored inside our bone and when the body finally uses up all the stored calcium our cells would start dyeing except for one thing. God provided an emergency method to acquire calcium to maintain normal calcium level in the blood. The body will start eating the bone to provide calcium to maintain a normal level in the blood. The negative side, that puts our bones on a rapid path to Osteoporosis.

By taking the proper amount of EZorb we are insuring we have plenty of calcium stored to maintain normal calcium level in the blood, allow the body to repair previous damage, and build new bone cells., LLC   Copyright Ā©2004-2017