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EZorb CalciumĀ®   Calcium Aspartate Anhydrous

How much should I take if I am 60 years old?

You do not take EZorb Calcium by your age. You take EZorb Calcium by the amount you weigh. One of the bigger user of calcium is the live cells in your body. A person who weighs 300 pounds has more body cells than a person who weighs less than 100 pounds. There are 4 weight groups, <100 lbs, 100 lbs up to 160 lbs, 160 lbs up to 210 lbs, and 210 lbs up to 270 lbs. For persons over 270 lbs contact us with your body weight and we will tell you the proper dosage for you. Do not follow the label on the bottle. The label on the bottle is not exact.

Each order will contain a Revised Dosage Information sheet giving you a weight table. Find you weight in the weight column and go across to the proper dosage column. Marvlix dosage is also on this sheet.

When you take prescription drugs too much would be harmful where taking too little of EZorb would not be effective. Taking more than your proper dosage is not harmful and will be stored inside your bone waiting for your body to use it. It took your body about 20 to 30 years to store the maximum amount of calcium your body ever had. Since EZorb has a 92.06% absorption rate taking more than you proper amount will be stored inside your bones and empty the bottle faster., LLC   Copyright Ā©2004-2017