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EZorb Calcium® - Calcium Aspartate Anhydrous(CaLAA) helps provide Nature’s Strength & Health From Within. The word organic and inorganic is associated with many substances and the meaning is not always the same. Food Markets use the terms in reference to fertilization and pest control. In chemistry, the terms have to do with compounds that contain carbon. Organic calcium compounds do not need any help to be absorbed. EZorb as an example of an organic calcium compound. Its calcium molecules are extracted from a food source like vegetables and vegetation.

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Most people, think if your body absorbs lots of calcium our bone density problems are over. This is far from the truth. The osteoblats cells slow down as we age and must somehow be made to produce bone cells or bone tissue as they did when we were young.EZorb is the answer. it can stimulate the osteoblats, making them work overtime, increasing bone density. Absorbed calcium is stored inside the bone and will stay there waiting to be used. When our calcium storage is depleted, the body will eat up bone to provide calcium to the blood. This process puts our bone density on a rapid path to osteoporosis. Our body’s osteoblats cells must be able to produce bone tissue or cells to maintain bone density.
We have been an official authorized distributor of EZorb Calcium Capsules or EZorb Calcium Powder, since 2005.


By Taking EZorb Calcium On A Daily Basis, You May Reap Many Benefits

  • Grow stronger, healthier bones,
  • improving bone density,
  • Eliminate pain and dissolve bone spurs such as foot spurs, heel spurs, shoulder spurs, elbow spurs, spine spurs, hip spurs, cervical spurs, achilles heel spurs, plantar spurs,
  • Help relieve bone pain, joint pain, nerve pain, back pain, and muscle pain,
  • Help restore damaged cartilage by enhancing joint metabolism and increasing Type II collagen productiony
  • Stimulate osteoblasts (bone forming cells) to make sure calcium is converted to bone mass

    We have further useful information about Marvlix & EZorb Calcium Medical Grade Supplements.
    You can read them by following this link >> Resource Library

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is In EZorb Calcium
    EZorb Calcium is composed of calcium aspartate anhydrous, an organic compound extracted from land-based plants by way of Elixir Industry's proprietary technology.
    Unlike traditional calcium compounds such as calcium carbonate, calcium citrate, and calcium gluconate, EZorb doesn't need stomach digestion. It is absorbed in the small intestine in its original form.
    EZorb has extended calcium absorption to the entire length of small intestine.
    The product doesn't cause any discomfort in the digestion tract, while traditional calcium compounds are known for causing stomach upset, constipation, etc.
    More importantly about EZorb though, is its ability to raise bone, joint and muscle metabolism.
    Most if not all bone, joint and muscle related problems such as osteoporosis, bone spurs, arthritis, fibromyalgia, are associated with weakened bone, joint and muscle metabolism.
    EZorb gets to the root cause of those diseases by raising the metabolism.
    That's why it's so effective
  • Are There Any Side Effects
    EZorb is natural and organic. Taking EZorb is like eating food. It's perfectly safe. There are no known side effects to this date.
    I'm On Medication Is It Safe To Take EZorb Calcium
    EZorb Calcium is absolutely safe and does not interfere with any prescription drugs. EZorb does not have any side effects. You have been taking EZorb all your life because EZorb molocules were extracted from green vegetables and plants.
  • I'm pregnant. How much EZorb Calcium should I take?
    Calcium intake is crucial, especially during the last three months of pregnancy while the baby's bones are developing
    A baby in utero takes the nutrients it needs from its mother's body, whether or not that leaves anything to maintain the mother's health. While your baby may be fine in terms of bone and teeth development, your own calcium stores may be seriously depleted in the process, which can be detrimental to your future health and well-being. For example, you could develop osteoporosis later in life if you don't consume enough calcium for both you and your growing baby.
    For the recommended dosage ."See the Dosage Information Sheet" for recommended dosage of capsules or powder for you per day.
  • Can my children benefit from EZorb Calcium?
    EZorb Calcium is the best friend for children and teens. Calcium is essential for proper development of bones, teeth, and muscles.EZorb Calcium is the best friend for children and teens. Calcium is essential for proper development of bones, teeth, and muscles.
    A good calcium supplement is critical for your kids' growth. Traditional calcium supplements have such poor absorption rates they provide little or no help and may cause other problems in the long run.
    EZorb has the highest absorption rate and it does not have any side effects.
    It is simply the best calcium source for all ages.
    Will Ezorb Calcium cause kidney stones?
    It is common for inorganic calcium supplements to cause stones in kidney or small intestine because of their low absorption rate.
    EZorb Calcium is made of anhydrous calcium aspartate, which boasts an exceptional 92% absorption rate. EZorb Calcium is one of the few calcium supplements - if not the only one - that will not promote the formation of kidney stones.

Customer Stories

"Add your story ~ If you have your own story to tell, write to us about your experience with our service and with our Wholefood Products. Help others decide, so they can benefit too.."

  • M.V
    "In 2007, I went to a doctor and she told me "Unfortunately you have osteoporosis." She prescribed a biophosphanate and told me to take it indefinitely. My husband researched it up and told me to throw it out and flush it. I never even took one of those pills. My husband also looked up calcium and found EZorb for me and told me it sounded good. I have taken it since 2007. The only thing I know is that I have had knee pain since 1989 but it disappeared as soon as I started taking EZorb. That doesn't make sense. I am getting older and here it is 2017, and my knees are better than when I was younger."
    M.V March 2017
  • G.E - Kansass
    "I have been taking Ezorb for six weeks and already I can feel that it is making my bones stronger. I noticed that when I walk I no longer waddle like a duck. I give the credit to Ezorb. I am 66 years old.."
  • Granny Cindy - SD
    "My name is Cindy. I don't usually sing praises but I feel I owe it to you this time. My daughter Maria bought me a bottle of EZorb on my birthday. I had been on Fosamax and had to deal with all the side effects. My stomach was constantly in pain. I thought I would have to live the rest of my life with Fosamax. I was really scared every time I took it. Thanks to EZorb I no longer need Fosamax. My recent bone density results have shown steady improvement. This is wonderful "
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