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EZorb CalciumĀ® Calcium Aspartate Anhydrous

Osteoporosis/Bone Loss

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"In 2007, I went to a doctor and she told me "Unfortunately you have osteoporosis." She prescribed a biophosphanate and told me to take it indefinitely. My husband researched it up and told me to throw it out and flush it. I never even took one of those pills. My husband also looked up calcium and found EZorb for me and told me it sounded good. I have taken it since 2007. The only thing I know is that I have had knee pain since 1989 but it disappeared as soon as I started taking EZorb. That doesn't make sense. I am getting older and here it is 2017, and my knees are better than when I was younger. Although the prescribing doctor told me to walk instead of running, as she was afraid I would break my leg, I run twice a week even now. I actually fell on my back in the kitchen because the floor was wet. I broke nothing. On another day, I banged my hip bones on a hard corner of granite when I walked to fast past a counter. This was the exact bone area where the doctor had said I have osteoporosis. I broke nothing. I run, walk, practice belly dance, and jump on a rebounder. My husband started using EZorb recently as well. He said he used to have backaches and once he started taking a teaspoon of EZorb a day, he has improved greatly. I apply Psalm 34:20 and Psalm 27:1-2 for strength. My strength comes from God and not from a biophosphanate. Forbore is part of the wisdom that God uses from natural plants and vegetables. I also use a Juvent. A very wise doctor prescribed that instead of biophosphanates" March 2017
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