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EZorb CalciumĀ® Calcium Aspartate Anhydrous

Osteoporosis, Bone Loss, Fractures, & Bone Density

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"Hi Larry
1.) I am taking Ezorb for osteoarthritis and to prevent osteoporosis.
2.) Everyone in my family takes Ezorb. At the present time my family consists of myself and four cats. (Some family!?)
3.) I have been taking Ezorb for as long as your actual records state. I think that would be 2005 but it may have been earlier.
4.) The results that I have had by X-Ray are: very few bone spurs and perfect calcification of my long bones. It takes a couple of years I would think to show a decreased amount of bone spurs where a person with osteoarthritis might normally be expected to have them. The truth is that bone spurs (osteophytes) have never given me any problem in any case. And that is the main concern. My back pain is from other causes.
Regarding pets:
I give Ezorb to all my pets and the feral cats that I feed as the Caretaker of the Brighton Beach Feral Cat Colony. In 2012 I first noticed that by giving Ezorb to a raped feral pregnant kitten (!) that I had rescued (Darling), that after she was aborted, she grew into a big absolutely beautiful cat. At first she was so light you would hardly know that you had a cat in your hands.but a couple of months later she had a normal to heavy body weight with no fat whatsoever. This has also been my main concern with one very special feral cat microchipped to me: Feria. Living under the Boardwalk in one of the (now) 4 cat shelters, I have always been extremely worried about her. But as long as she is getting both Coenzyme Q10 and Ezorb I have confidence that she will survive her yearly winter ordeal as she is doing right now. I have recommended Ezorb to everyone I meet who is concerned with nutrition."
Bill D., New York - March 2017,LLC Copyright Ā©2004-2017