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Our Story So Far:

Here at EZorbcalcium.com we don't just sell Medical Grade Herbal Medications we have our own story to tell, including our experience with medical conditions, our experience with General Medical Practitioners and the the prescribing of different drugs, that have so many side effects the results of which make life look bleak for the future, the searching for an alternative remedy which resulted in the discovery of EZorb Calcium, and what it did.
Our commitment to you the most important part of what we are about. It is an now an integral part of our mission our goals and our objectives
"Empowering People To Have Longer, Healthier Pain Free Lives."

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EzorbCalcium.com (LLC) was founded in 2005 by Larry Penny and is an Official Authorized Distributor of The Natural Health Medications produced by Elixir Industries in California.

Prior to that, Larry had suffered long-term severe back pains, so much so that he had to take retirement from his Electrical and Air-Conditioner business.

Frequent visits to a Chiropractor, taking painkillers and muscle relaxants proved to be no help at all.

In 2004, after having a DEXA scan, his doctor pronounced he was suffering from osteoporosis in both his right and left hips. The right hip was severe and he was prescribed "Fosamax®".

After doing extensive research over the Internet, Larry decided not to take this drug due to the abundance of possible side effects. With further research,Larry finally discovered a product called EZorb which sounded promising.After downloading some medical studies about EZorb specifically aimed at medical professionals, Larry discussed them with his doctor who agreed Larry should try it. Larry promptly ordered his first 6 bottles of EZorb Calcium® - Calcium Aspartate Anhydrous (CalAA).

After 6 months of taking the capsules, Larry wanted to know if his bone density was improving and decided to have another DEXA scan (much to the reluctance of his doctor). The result of the scan was amazing, so much so that the doctor couldn't believe them as they showed an 18% increase in density. The doctor said he had never seen anything like that before. About 18 months later, Larry's back pain was gone.

Larry  liked the product so much that he:- "Acquired A Distributorship"  and so EzorbCalcium.com was born.

The Company has expanded, with a new office for Larry, the customer base has grown keeping Larry & his team busy, taking orders, answering questions.The products are made to WHO-GMP guidelines and are enforced in the United States by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), under Title 21 CFR.

One thing that keeps him and his team busy and one of his main objectives is his customer's health and safety with this in mind Larry & his team take quality control a step further by checking that the factory seals on the bottles are as intact as when they left the factory and in addition adding a florescent yellow label to each bottle which contains information for your convenience when reordering, including our: email address, web site address, & phone number.

The order pages for returning customers are set up so you don't have to fill in all your information again when re-ordering any items.
We carry sufficient stock of all our products to ensure delivery of your order in normal circumstances within 2-3 working days.

Larry can also explain/discuss with you in layman terms most anything to do with bone, joint or muscle problems or if he doesn't know EZorbhas a team of Medical Doctors who will. He can also show you how to read your DEXA scans and what they really mean