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Osteoarthritis Treatment

While prescription drugs for osteoarthritis are not exactly dinosaurs, they are definitely "legacy systems".. 

It's not uncommon for a prescription drug to take 15 years to go through the lengthy clinical trials and FDA approval process before it's allowed to enter the market. By the time doctors are educated on it, the "new" drug can already be outdated.

We have entered a digital era. Just a few years ago everybody was using 56K+ modems.

Today, nearly half of American families have high speed Internet connections. Technology leaps forward. In many cases, supplements and alternative therapies have become the mainstream treatment measures against disease. And, to a large extent, some alternative therapies now represent the most current and most advanced treatment technologies.

Osteoarthritis Treatment - Where we were

Paracetamol, codeine and tramadol are pain relievers. COX-based anti-inflammatory medications are used in osteoarthritis to treat symptoms of stiffness. They are very good for controlling the stiffness associated with osteoarthritis, and have brought relief to osteoarthritis sufferers for decades — but at the cost of unwanted side effects, particularly on the stomach.

What about injections? The injection of a corticosteroid (e.g., methylprednisolone) into a joint can be a useful way to settle down an acute inflammatory flare of osteoarthritis. Local anesthetic is usually also injected. Although many osteoarthritis patients prefer this treatment, studies have not confirmed any long-term benefit. Another type of injection used for osteoarthritis is hyaluronan, a synthetic joint fluid typically administered in three injections spaced one week apart. Studies suggest that benefits may last about eight months, but many doctors remain skeptical.

Osteoarthritis Treatment - Here We Are!

No currently available FDA-approved drugs can reverse osteoarthritic changes to bones and joints. Current research is focused on developing new ways of improving the body's natural repair mechanisms and ways to prevent cartilage breakdown. EZorb is the result of such research effort.

EZorb Calcium enhances the body's cartilage repair function and stimulates Type II Collagen production. And, by optimizing the cartilage matrix, EZorb can achieve permanent osteoarthritis pain relief. Taken initially with pain relievers or anti-inflammatory medication, we believe EZorb is the best non-drug alternative to improve joint function and mobility and to reduce overall disability.

Osteoarthritis Care Tips

Use straight-backed chairs, firm mattresses or bed boards. Excessively soft chairs, recliners, mattresses and car seats may worsen symptoms.

Maintain ordinary daily activities, your job and a functional and independent role in your family.

Heat treatment can help — e.g., dipping a sore hand in a paraffin bath or soaking in hot or warm bath.

Massage by trained therapists, traction, and deep heat treatment with diathermy or ultrasound may help relieve osteoarthritis in the neck.

Protect joints during painful jobs, with splints on fingers, for example.

For osteoarthritis of the spine, specific exercises sometimes help, and back supports or braces may be needed when problems are severe.

Appropriate exercise for stretching and strengthening helps keep cartilage healthy and increases the range of movement in a stiffening joint. It also strengthens surrounding muscle. Exercise must be balanced by rest of painful joints, but completely immobilizing a joint is more likely to worsen osteoarthritis than to improve it.

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