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EZorb Calcium® - Calcium Aspartate Anhydrous

Calcium Myth Busting

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Healthy hard bone is boneactually live cells just like your nails, hard on top but live cells just under the hard area. So to have healthy strong bones your body has to build these cells. A recipe for bone cells or bone tissue is like a cake recipe. The cake recipe uses a large amount of flour some liquid and small amounts of other ingredients. The recipe for bone cells is a lot of calcium, some phosphorus, and 25 to 30 other trace elements. (Note: bone is not made out of Strontium.) If you only have half of the flour required by the recipe, the cake will not bake correctly. If the body only has half of the calcium needed for bone tissue recipe, the bone tissue will not come out correctly. So the key to building bone tissue is being able to get enough calcium over to our blood and the tissue side of our body where it will be stored inside our bones. Our bones act as a store house for calcium the body needs for many things like, keeping all body cells alive, building new bone cells, repairing the hard bone where needed, and building new bone cells where the old dead bone cells were removed. Our bodies major use of calcium is to keep our cells alive, that is why we have an emergency backup system for calcium. If our body has run out of stored calcium it will rob it from the hard bone accelerating thinning of the bones. We will only address building bone tissue.

Calcium comes in two forms: inorganic and organic. Bone tissue can be built out of any calcium compound from the worst inorganic, Calcium Carbonate (5% absorption rate) to the very best inorganic, Calcium Citrate (25% absorption rate). There are many other inorganic calcium's which will fall in between these two. All inorganic calcium must have vitamin D and magnesium to make it absorbable. Organic calcium does not need vitamin D or magnesium to be absorbed.

The problem with these inorganic calcium compound is that the body will only absorb small amounts. Example: if you take 2000 milligrams of Calcium Carbonate the body will only absorb 100 milligrams or if you take 2000 milligrams of Calcium Citrate the body will only absorb 500 milligrams. With a woman at 3rd month pregnancy the baby will use more calcium than 500 milligrams.

The body needs thousands of milligrams to keep cells alive and more to build bone tissue. How is an adult supposed to survive on such a small amount of calcium? The answer is you can not so Doctor prescribed bisphosphates drugs that kill osteoclasts cells resulting in retaining dead bone cells that leads to brittle bone. To make matters worse osteoporosis drugs have many side effects from some not very pleasant to bone cancer.

Now we have Calcium Aspartate Anhydrous that the body will absorb in large quantity with no side effect. This is a proven medical fact, read the abstracts.

EZorb is organic calcium, 100% pure Calcium Aspartate Anhydrous, and is extracted from green vegetables like spinach. Spinach contains more calcium than any other vegetable we eat. The dose of EZorb for a person between 100 to 160 pounds is 4480 milligrams taken and 92.06% equals 4124 milligrams absorbed then stored inside your bones waiting to be used by the body. This dose is equal to eating 1 1/3 gallons of cooked spinach. There is no such thing as too much stored calcium. There is such a thing as too much inorganic calcium because 75% to 95% is not absorbed.

Inorganic calcium is high in elemental calcium which has been found to cause body stones and is the reason we can not just take more inorganic calcium to make up for the poor absorption rate. EZorb will not cause body stones because 92% is absorbed. As we get older the osteoblasts cells also show signs of getting older by not keeping up with building bone tissue as fast as osteoclasts cells remove dead bone cells. EZorb has one other property: it will stimulate the osteoblasts cells, causing them to build more bone tissue than normal for our age.

In the beginning I said healthy bones are live bone cells. All cells in our body have a predetermined life (PDL)  so bone cells will die. This is where our osteoclasts cells come into play by removing dead bone cells. After dead cells are removed that leaves a hole or depression where healthy bone cells can be built. If your body could build new bone cells over dead bone cells then, as time goes by our bone would continue to grow bigger.

There is no magic dust in any bottle of calcium; so quit wasting time looking for it. Just purchase calcium by absorption rate and let your body build strong bones as God designed it to do. Once absorbed, calcium is calcium no matter where it came from. The key or secret is getting enough calcium absorbed where the body has enough for the osteoblasts cells to build bone tissue.

Another word of advice is to not put too much emphasis in DEXA scans. DEXA scan machines can not tell the difference between dead brittle bone cells or healthy bone tissue. Dead bone cells are more dense than live bone cells. So if a person has been taking bisphosphates drugs over a period of time their body will have retained many dead bone cells making the DEXA scan numbers look better while bone health has worsened. Strontium will also cause DEXA scan numbers look better creating a false postive.Why--- look at the Periodic Table of elements you will find Sr is much heavier than Ca.

Under Information for Medical Professional there are few DEXA scan proving EZorb will get you headed back to normal bone without any side effects., LLC   Copyright ©2004-2017