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EZorb Calcium® - Calcium Aspartate Anhydrous

EZorb Calcium Facts.

  • Helped millions recover from osteoporosis, osteopenia, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, bone spurs, heel spurs, back pain, hip problems and other joint disorders.

  • Helps restore damaged cartilage by enhancing joint metabolism and increasing Type II collagen production.

  • Permanent arthritis joint pain relief, not temporary.

  • New World Record: 92% absorption rate.

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Celebrities' Choice

EZorb® Calcium has been experiencing overwhelming demand since its North America inception in May 2001. It has become many celebrities’ favorite. Our customers list includes some of the best known stars in the entertainment and sports industry.

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"...The swollen joint on my right knee was almost twice the size of the normal one. I was rushed to the emergency room twice during the period. Needless to say how much pain I was suffering. What really bothered me was that the doctor told me I had no other options but surgery if the combination of glucosomine and anti-inflammatory medication still wouldn't improve my condition within months.

During a weekend visit in August my in-law Jim told me he and his wife Linda were using EZorb. Jim used it for the osteoarthritis on his wrists and Linda had been using EZorb for osteoporosis. Jim insisted that I try the bottle he bought for me. I was in so much pain that I would try anything. But frankly I didn't have high expectation for EZorb because I had tried too many supplements.”....
Behind the Success

EZorb's cutting edge technology has positioned itself years ahead of the competition. In many respects EZorb Calcium is leading the next wave of new nutrients development.

First of all, EZorb's 92% calcium absorption rate has created a new benchmark for others to follow. Most calcium supplements available on the market today have their rates falling between 5% to 25%.

Secondly, getting calcium absorbed is not the end of the story. EZorb stimulates osteoblasts (bone forming cells) activities to make sure calcium is deposited to the bone and converted to bone mass. That's why EZorb is so powerful against osteoporosis. In the same process, EZorb raises the level of joint collagen and synovial fluid production so that joint cartilage is repaired and joints are kept lubricated. EZorb is unquestionably the best solution for osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and many other types of arthritis.
Moreover, EZorb Calcium does not form magma precipitation (stones), and will not cause stomach disorders or kidney stones. Why is that even considered a plus of EZorb? Because other calcium supplements, including most of the popular calcium available on the market today, do form stones in your body and cause gastrointestinal (G.I.) distress!

The Secret of Longevity

In 1979, a British journalist from Guinness Book of Records went on an assignment to the islands of Okinawa and Tokumushima of the coast of Japan to interview Shigechiyo Izumi, the world's oldest documented living person. What he found was a man of 115 years old with remarkably good health and vitality, who had worked till the age of 105.

To his surprise the journalist discovered that Mr. Izumi was not alone in his situation. Most of the islands' inhabitants were physically fit, had low incidents of serious illness and enjoyed long life span. The journalist persuaded Mr. Isumi to submit a medical checkup. The results were even more amazing. How could a person of his age possibly be so healthy?

Soon, a team of researchers arrived and found that the islanders had one thing in common: the water they drank was different from water found anywhere in the world. But what exactly is in the Okinawa water that makes human beings stay healthy and live longer? People have tried to find the answer for decades but no significant progress had been made until recently., LLC   Copyright ©2004-2017