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What is a Dexa Scan?

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Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA, previously DEXA)dexa_thumbnail is a means of measuring bone mineral density (BMD). Two X-ray beams with differing energy levels are aimed at the patient's bones. When soft tissue absorption is subtracted out, the BMD can be determined from the absorption of each beam by bone. Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry is the most widely used and most thoroughly studied bone density measurement technology.

DXA has gotten to be very involved and complicated due to relationship between manufactures technology, World Health Origination (WHO), The International Society for Clinical Densitometry (ISCD), and several others all trying to come up with a certified standard.

The bottom line is a DXA scan is the measurement of Bone Mineral Density (BMD), that is how dense our bones are in a particular area. These areas usually are the spine L1-L4 and hips. Our bones have to be dense enough to support the weight of our body.

DXA scans are not very accurate due to so many variables that are involved but are the most accurate way of measurement today. Some of the things that can effect the accuracy of BMD is Technique between technician, upgrading machines, Lunar compared to Holigic, Calibration, Bisphosphonates drugs, etc. DXA machines can not determined the difference between “healthy live bone tissue” or “dead brittle bone”. Bisphosphonates drugs causes the bone to retain dead bone cells.

Dead bone cells are more dense than live healthy bone tissue and cause T-score numbers to look better but the bone is not as strong. After many years on the Bisphosphonates drugs you may be worse than before due to excess of dead brittle bone verses live healthy bone tissue. Its better to build strong healthy bone tissue by adsorbing enough calcium

Not getting a DXA scan is like being your own lawyer, we believe all men and women should have a DXA no later than 50 years old. Our Bone Density has a lot to do with how healthy one ate before you were born to about 30 years old. If you ate a lot of green vegetables verses double meat and cheese burgers with supper size fries your BMD will should be very good. Strong healthy bone can only be built if our bodies have enough EZorb calcium to build bone tissue with and stimulate the Osteoblasts cells.

When you get a DXA be sure to take an original copy home with you, don't leave without one. Have your doctor put on the script for you to leave with DXA. When you get your next DXA scan then you and/or doctor will be able to compare it to the old scan. You should get a DXA scan within two months of starting EZorb., LLC   Copyright ©2004-2017