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Osteoporosis Treatment Comparison

Osteoporosis Treatment Comparison
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In order to allow the bone to withstand mechanical stresses, old bone mass is broken down by osteoclasts and new bone formed by osteoblasts.
* Osteoblasts are cells that are responsible for creating new bone mass.
** Osteoclasts are cells associated with bone resorption.

(1) Traditional calcium supplements are hardly absorbed in the pH medium of the small intestine (pH 7.0-7.2). With the help of Vitamin D, their absorption rate is slightly higher.

Taking traditional calcium supplements also suppress your body's ability to absorb magnesium. In the pH environment of the small intestine, inorganic minerals tend to attach themselves to one another and form magma precipitation. Once precipitated, the minerals become nonabsorbable. Therefore taking inorganic calcium supplements will dramatically reduce magnesium absorption. And that is exactly why one needs to supplement magnesium while taking inorganic calcium.

(2) EZorb Calcium®, on the other hand, does not need participation of Vitamin D for better absorption. Calcium aspartate anhydrous (CalAA) is absorbed in its molecular form therefore it doesn't need to use Vitamin D as a carrier to penetrate the mucous membrane.

CalAA doesn't interact with other compounds thanks to its strong molecular structure. Therefore EZorb will not affect magnesium absorption., LLC   Copyright ©2004-2017